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Assaying and Refining

Our experience spans over 50 years in the refining industry.We are dedicated to getting the best returns for our customers.
Below is a sample of the materials we regularly receive and process.Additional metals may be considered by quote.
Feel free to contact us if you have questions about specific materials. We provide the best and most precise analysis service possible to our customers.

Jewelry Scraps Dental Scraps Targets
Old jewelry and any gold and platinum jewelry is processed to take a new form. Dental scraps such as used metal crowns, abrasive powders etc normally include silver, gold and palladium. We also provide a medical waste treatment service. Industrial wastes such as used targets and parts that have precious metal coatings can be chemically stripped.
Exposed Precious Metals Semi Conductors X-ray films
Any precious metal that is plated onto a component can be processed. We process devices, such as those using semiconductors, with precious metals on the outside or inside of the component. X-ray films use silver on the surface and also in the developing fluid. We collect them to process.