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Precious metal powders have various characteristics by the particle size and the shape. They are used in electronic parts, catalyst, electrode and other industrial fields.
Aida Chemical provides precious metal powders in silver, platinum, palladium to these indusrties.
For order-made powders, please feel free to contact us.

Made to order

We have a variety of processed powders in our product line-up that can fulfill your application requirement. We also provide an order-made service to match your needs.

High quality

We are proud to state that our high standard refining process for precious metals provides the highest quality materials to process powders. We are a LPPM certified company to prove that quality.

Ag Powders (Silver Powders)

ASP-100(Aida Silver Powder100)

Aida Silver Powder100
Size Distribution
D10 0.935μm
D50 2.184μm
D95 5.31μm
D100 10.93μm

ASP-201(Aida Silver Powder201)

Aida Silver Powder201
Size Distribution
D10 0.879μm
D50 3.082μm
D95 13.02μm
D100 30.94μm

Pt Powders (Platinum Powders)

APP-103(Aida Platinum Powder103)

Aida Platinum Powder103
Size Distribution
D10 0.603μm
D50 1.071μm
D95 2.079μm
D100 3.865μm

Pd Powders (Palladium Powders)

ADP-101(Aida Palladium Powder101)

Aida Palladium Powder101
Size Distribution
D10 7.108μm
D50 23.1μm
D95 41.04μm
D100 61.33μm