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Fine powders

Fine powdersPrecious metal powders have various characteristics according to particle size and shape. They are used in electronic parts, catalysts, electrodes and in other industrial applications.

Fine powders(Processed Materials)

Evaporation materials

Evaporation materialsWe manufacture and supply vapor deposition material in pellet and shot form.
Pellet form available in Au and Pt with 4N quality at least.
Shot form available in Au and Ag with also in high quality.

Evaporation materials(Processed Materials)

Art Clay Series

ArtclayArt Clay Silver is a pliable,aqueous clay that transforms to pure silver when fired at high temparature with an electric kiln, gas torch, or on a gas stove. Now anyone can easily create one of a kind silver jewelry.Art Clay Gold K22 is also available.

Art Clay Series